With focus, progress and steady growth, we are striding forward to a brighter future.


Management Message

The Greatest Leisure for All People

One day is 24 hours. One year is 365 days. Leisure constitutes the few precious moments available during this limited time.
For this reason, we want leisure to provide the greatest fun, excitement and memories.
At Fields, we aim to become a Company able to continuously create the greatest leisure for all people throughout the world.

Business Model Aimed at Realizing Enhanced IP Value

Toward the Creation of Entertainment Excellence

Characters loved by all generations everywhere and stories that resonate in the heart bring smiles and enrichment to everyone’s leisure time.
Fields acquires, creates and cultivates quality IP deployed through a variety of media to build a circulation Developing Business Model maximizing the value of IP.

Review of Business Activities

IP Cross-Media Development Implementation

At Fields, we promote IP cross-media development for a variety of media and strive to maximize IP value through the implementation of a Developing Business Model centered on IP.
We seek to enhance corporate value and strengthen monetization through the circulation of multiple IP balanced across each media from the perspective of strategically enhancing IP value.

Special Feature: Fields Business Strategy

Growth Strategy Centered on IP Excerpt from the 28th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders Presentation

At Fields, our aim is to become an IP company maximizing its presence in the world through the acquisition, creation and cultivation of leading IP loved by all generations everywhere.
By deploying a cross-media strategy enhancing the maximization of IP value and reinforcing the foundation for the pachinko/pachislot business using IP, we will ensure sustainable growth over the medium- to long-term and realize our corporate philosophy of “The Greatest Leisure for All People.”

CSR / Corporate Governance

Striving to Earn Society’s Trust

Fields is connected to society through its business activities. We aim to maintain a trusted presence by contributing to happiness throughout society.
We will continue to take on challenges that create the future, instilling a strong awareness in each of our employees toward the realization of our corporate philosophy.

Company and Stock Information


We at Fields strive to build a more solid management foundation aimed at accelerating and expanding our IP business.
This section provides a Company overview and introduces Group companies and stock information.

Financial Section

Consolidated Financial Statement

The accompanying consolidated financial statements in this section have been translated from the consolidated financial statements included in the Securities Report of FIELDS CORPORATION issued and submitted in Japan.
In translating the consolidated financial statements, certain modifications and reclassifications have been made for the convenience of readers.
The consolidated financial statements for the year ended March 31, 2016 were audited by an independent auditor (BDO Sanyu & Co.) whose report expressed an unqualified opinion on those statements.


A printable PDF of the Digital Annual Report 2016 is available.
Digital Annual Report 2016 released