Message from the Chairman & CEO

The Greatest Leisure for All People We aim to continue to create the greatest leisure for all people.

In April 2015, FIELDS CORPORATION was listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. We would like to offer our profound gratitude to our shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders for the guidance and support shown us, as this was invaluable in helping us achieve this accomplishment. Those of us at Fields view the move of our shares to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange as the start of a new stage toward achieving our founding vision. Going forward, we will continue to devote ourselves to this goal with even more determination and passion.

In order to realize our corporate philosophy of “The Greatest Leisure for All People,” we have taken an expansive view of all types of entertainment, closely observing how people spend leisure time to achieve personal fulfillment while taking on a wide range of challenges. Through this process, we discover opportunities to bring happiness and joy into people’s lives and realize our corporate philosophy through characters and stories that encourage people. Based largely on data we have collected and our successes and failures, we announced a business model in May 2012 that systematically organized our ambitions and beliefs.
Since establishing this business model, we have assessed such intellectual properties as characters and stories to be the core of our business. By leveraging these intellectual properties across various kinds of media, such as comics, animations, games, merchandising, live entertainment, and pachinko and pachislot machines, we are taking on the challenge of delivering “enjoyable times” and “dream-filled play” that entertains the hearts and minds of people around the world. As an example, created by consolidated subsidiary Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd., almost 50 years ago, hero character Ultraman still lives on in the hearts of many, spanning generations as well as geographical areas. It is through various media, such as animations, live entertainment, and pachinko and pachislot machines, that Ultraman is able to bring smiles to such a large number of people, ranging from children on up to adults.
In this way, characters that continue to live on in the hearts of people around the world, as well as the worlds created by these characters, become a part of people’s daily lives, offering them personal fulfillment. Guided by our relentless spirit for research and our firm marketing techniques, we will continue to work together with our business partners to develop characters created on our own initiative through various types of media going forward. In doing so, we will endeavor to provide inspiration and excitement in the lives of many.

At Fields, we aim to continue to create the greatest leisure for all people. We are grateful to all of our stakeholders for the support shown to our corporate philosophy and the strength given to us through the years, and will continue our efforts to meet stakeholder expectations going forward. We would like to ask for your continued support as we pursue our goals.

August 2015
Hidetoshi Yamamoto
Chairman & CEO

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