The Future of Fields

“Shaping the Future”

Fields’ challenges will continue, taking entertainment to the next stage Fields will continue to take on the challenge of creating a future of entertainment that exceeds the imagination.

Looking to the various aspects of people’s lives, Fields is seeking out a unique brand of value to provide to the world.

We suspect that in the future all aspects of our lives will come to represent forms of media capable of giving form to IP. For example, the Group’s A MAN of ULTRA conceptual licensed brand is a means of expression for our IP that differs from those used previously. It is neither a comic nor a TV anime series. Nonetheless, we are still able to give form to the world of Ultraman and provide joy through this brand. In this brand, we see the potential for spreading IP to apparel, consumer electronics, automobiles, interior items, and various other items that play a part in our everyday lives.
In the future, we could possibly create, for example, an “Ultraman golf course”. There is no doubt that both golf fans and Ultraman fans alike would want to visit such a golf course at least once.
Looking ahead, we can imagine a future in which IP is incorporated into all aspects of society, transforming people’s lives into something that feels even more fulfilling and enjoyable due to the unique worlds these IP bring.

Fields’ business has two sides: the production side, in which we plan and create IP, and the distribution side, in which we generate earnings by distributing IP in a manner similar to how a trading company distributes commodities. On the production side, we have created various hero IP, such as ULTRAMAN and SOUL ReVIVER. On the distribution side, we have made our mark by using Evangelion, AKB48, and other borrowed IP. By effectively combining our strengths in both sides of operations, we believe that Fields will be able to secure stable earnings while continuing to provide the world with promising new IP.
In order for Fields to successfully develop its business in line with the changing times, it is crucial for us to create and cultivate various quality IP, and solidify these into the core of our business. We are committed to utilizing IP cultivated by Fields to provide “The Greatest Leisure for All People,” offering them entertainment that can carry them away. This endeavor, we are confident, will help Fields become a highly profitable company with a sustainably growing business.

In realizing this vision, there are numerous tasks that we must tend to as well as challenges we wish to tackle. Fields aims to stand together with its stakeholders and with everyone who hopes to enjoy their leisure time, and will continue striving to help build a society in which people are able to dream and experience the greatest leisure.

*These pictures are simulated images.

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