Corporate Governance / Disclosure Policy

Basic policies

  • In implementing its corporate philosophy of "The Greatest Leisure for All People," TSUBURAYA FIELDS HOLDINGS seeks continuous corporate growth and maximization of corporate value.
  • By means of timely and fair disclosure, the Company's investor relations (IR) activity has as its principal objectives meeting its obligations of explanation to all stakeholders, building long term trust with investors and stockholders, appropriate valuations in the securities markets, and improving corporate value.
  • Information obtained in the course of IR activity is fed back to top management, as a means of strengthening corporate governance.
  • This activity serves appropriate share price formation, securing stable stockholders, facilitation of fund procurement, improvement of the corporate image, and expansion of the TSUBURAYA FIELDS HOLDINGS Group fan base.

Information disclosure standards

In accordance with the Financial Instruments Transaction Law and other laws and regulations, timely disclosure regulations of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and others, TSUBURAYA FIELDS HOLDINGS carries out prompt information disclosure based on transparency, fairness and continuity.

Even in cases where information is not a material fact within the definitions of laws and timely disclosure regulations, as much as possible is actively and fairly disclosed when it is adjudged useful to stockholders and investors.

Information disclosure methods

Disclosure of information qualifying as material fact under timely disclosure regulations is carried out through the timely disclosure system (TDnet) provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. TDnet registration enables immediate reception of the same information provided by the news media, and the same data as those on the TSUBURAYA FIELDS HOLDINGS Website.

Information to which the regulations are not applicable, but which is believed to affect investment judgment, is promptly disclosed by timely and suitable methods corresponding to its importance and urgency.

Silent periods

In order to prevent leakage of business results data and to secure fairness, the Company observes a period of silence for several weeks until official release of the data. During such periods TSUBURAYA FIELDS HOLDINGS reserves comment and answers to questions on such matters. But in the event that during the period there arise variances from estimates that are covered by timely disclosure regulations, disclosure is made by publicity, press releases and other means. Information not disclosed by methods prescribed in laws and regulations, material facts and non-public information not displayed on the Company's Website, and information for which there is a duty of confidentiality, are treated in the same way.

Future forecasts

The Company's Website displays the business situations of TSUBURAYA FIELDS HOLDINGS and its affiliated companies, accounting conditions, and other topics, plans, future forecasts and strategies. Matters other than facts related to the past or present are forecasts of future business results, and are as adjudged by the Company's Group (TSUBURAYA FIELDS HOLDINGS and its consolidated subsidiaries) as of the end of the consolidated accounting period.
These judgments and assumptions are based on information available as of that time, so actual business results may be different as a result of various risks, variations in uncertain factors, and the economic situation.