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Fields uses RSS (Really Simple Syndication) to make announcements and distribute up-to-date information.

How to use RSS

Use the set-up method for an RSS reader or RSS-compatible software so that the RSS information can be obtained by using the RSS button or address.


What is RSS?

RSS is a technology for locating websites and distributing links, explanations and other information.

The latest information can be received automatically by using an RSS reader, RSS-compatible software or another method.

*RSS used by Fields is based on RSS 2.0.


  *An RSS reader or RSS-compatible software is required to use RSS.
  (The RSS set-up method is different for each type of software.
   We cannot respond to questions and other inquiries about RSS.)

  *RSS distribution may be suspended without prior notice for maintenance and other reasons
   and the URL and other aspects of RSS may be revised.

  *RSS distribution may be terminated at the discretion of Fields.

Please keep these precautions in mind when using this service.