TSUBURAYA FIELDS HOLDINGS endeavors to create compelling and exciting entertainment according to our corporate philosophy of “The Greatest Leisure for All People.” We wish to provide enjoyment and happiness to others with our characters, stories, and other forms of intellectual property (IP), making them available to countries and regions around the globe through all kinds of media platforms. It is our mission to provide society at large with worthwhile entertainment, focusing on the past, present and the future. We feel that corporate activities directed to this end constitute our Group's corporate social responsibility (CSR).

The ULTRAMAN FOUNDATION, established with Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd. and other partners within our Group, forms part of our CSR initiatives. It is involved in a range of activities, visiting disaster-hit communities and other areas across Japan. The purpose of these activities and our desire is to have hero characters bring smiles and inspiration to children.

2017 marks the seventh year of the Foundation’s activities and the 50th anniversary of the UltraSeven television series going to air. The HERO CARAVAN “Ultra Dream Project” will be visiting about 600 children’s welfare facilities around Japan, providing inspiration and hope to the nation’s children.

Growing children are the hope and light of a community. We are committed to continuing our CSR work in the hope that each and every child across Japan will become heroes, energetically carving out his or her future and a new age.