Earnings Presentation for the Q1 FY2019: Question & Answer Session (Summary)

FIELDS CORPORATION held a financial briefing for the Q1 of the FY2019 at Shibuya Garden Tower (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) on August 8, 2019 (Thursday) at 11:30 am.
This page provides an overview of the main question & answer session (summary) at the financial briefing.

Question & Answer Session (Summary)

Q1. Why was the sales of "Pachinko GANTZ:2" successful?

A1. Since "Pachinko GANTZ" (previous title) has received a good reputation, we think that "Pachinko GANTZ:2" has also received a certain reputation.

Q2. Please tell me your group’s passing test ratio of model certification tests.

A2. Our group’s passing test ratio of model certification tests is almost the same as the average for the entire market, and is recently on the upward trend. We expect the ratio to be improved in the entire market in the future since manufacturers have accumulated the know-how of development of new-regulation machines a year and a half after the enforcement of the “Regulation for Enforcement of the Amusement Businesses Law”.
With improvement of passing test ratio, we expect the congestion reduction of application to the model certification tests.

Q3. What about recent relationships with SANKYO, Enterrise and Universal Entertainment?

A3. We maintain a good relationships with SANKYO and Enterrise, as alliance manufacturers. We have sold their titles such as “Evangelion” and “Monster Hunter” series. And then, we still have a basic sales and purchase agreement with Sammy. We had terminated the shareholders agreement with Universal Entertainment Corporation as mentioned in “Notice of Termination of Shareholders Agreement with Universal Entertainment Corporation and Recording of Extraordinary Income from Transfer of Shares in Equity-Method Affiliate” announced in August 2018.

Q4. Can you tell us your forecast plan of new machines sales?

A4. We are planning to sell 15 titles in the FY2019 including "Amadigi-type (Low Spec)" and six announced titles. If one title is sold very well, we may change the time of sales for the others. Otherwise, we will sell them as planned.

Q5. The distribution services excluding new machine sales seems that the size of the business has not grown so much. Is the progress in line as planned?

A5. Yes, it is in line as planned. In installation and parts checking operations business, it will possibly grow further by increasing the number of manufacturers. In the web ad business, we expect to receive more contracts in the future, because of high gross profit ratio and inquiries from other industries.

Q6. What is your expectation about the box office revenue of the new film "SHIN ULTRAMAN"?

A6. It is difficult to estimate a specific amount. However, we expect to attract over six million visitors from increasing trend of the number of movie theaters and Mr. Anno and Mr. Higuchi's previous achievements.

Q7. How many films will you plan to make in the future?

A7. From 2021, we would like to announce a new work a year.