Business Strategy Conference : Question & Answer Session (Summary)

Fields Corporation held a business strategy conference in the MARUBIRU HALL and Conference Square (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) on May 7, 2014 at 11:30 am.
This page provides an overview of the main Question & Answer Session (Summary) at the business strategy conference.

Question & Answer Session (Summary)

(May 7, 2014)

Q1. Assuming that Fields forms more affiliations with manufacturers in the next 3 years and each company sells 2 to 3 titles, that would amount to 1 title every month for both pachinko/pachislot machines. Does Fields have a system capable of handling this? In the near term, do you plan to refrain from forming further affiliations?

A1. We are currently augmenting our regional and branch offices and reinforcing our sales staff in terms of both new hires and education. With this system, we will put all of our energy into establishing the Mizuho, NANASHOW, D-light and other brands, as well as our current affiliated brands.

Q2. What are your human resource development plans when increasing regional and branch offices?

A2. We have trained our employees over the long term in pachinko/pachislot machine distribution, and we have many high-quality employees at the manager level. As we expand our offices, we will send veteran employees working at regional and branch offices back to the head office to reinforce head office functions, and will also hire young leaders for each office, thus creating a system in which young employees can take up challenges.

Q3. What are your thoughts on utilizing global personnel when expanding Tsuburaya Productions overseas?

A3. We are considering augmenting our global employees as we expand our business. As we expand merchandising, we will communicate closely with local sales agents, and in addition to the previous TV program sales, we will pursue initiatives to revitalize Tsuburaya Productions characters by planning product development that matches the interests of local consumers.

Q4. What is your strategy for copyrights as the number of pachinko/pachislot titles increases?

A4. We will continue positioning copyright strategy as an important issue, and top management is working together proactively as a copyright acquisition team. We will not only acquire copyrights, but will also create, cultivate and develop our own IP for pachinko/pachislot machines to help increase titles going forward.