Analyst Coverage

Analyst Coverage

This is a list of analysts in securities firms and other corporations, or research institutes, who recommend or review the Company's business results.

(As of March 31, 2023)

SBI SECURITIES Co.,Ltd. Satoshi Kurihara
Tokai Tokyo Research Institute Co., Ltd. Souichirou Fukuda

Cautionary Matters

This summary overview was prepared to the Company's standards, based on information obtainable at the time. There may thus be some analysts who are not mentioned. Those analysts in the list are shown are in no way supported or backed by the Company, and not all information may be the most current.

Those analysts in the list shown in the overview, and those not shown, periodically or irregularly form their own independent judgments, analyze the Company's business results and operations, and forecast its earnings and other matters. Neither the Company nor its executives makes any contribution to those processes. Nor does the Company support or guarantee any analyst's forecasts, opinions or recommendations.

This overview of analysts who research and forecast the Company's business results, and their institutional affiliations, is furnished to stockholders and investors as a matter of information. It is not a solicitation to purchase or sell the Company's stock.

Actual investments should be made in accordance with your own judgment and on your own responsibility.

Note: For general "Shareholder and investor information" disclaimers, refer to the "Disclaimers" paragraph.